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Relaxing Wonder Oil


A lightweight multi-purpose oil for soft, glowing skin for mummy and baby.  Your perfect companion from pregnancy to motherhood.   Product size: 100ML   LIGHTWEIGHT & NON-GREASY FORM...

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Child-Friendly Hand Sanitizer


Plant-based sanitiser that eliminates 99.9% of germs and bacteria.  Keeping your child in safe hands   Product size: 250ML   GOODBYE GERMS   Kills 99.9% germs and bacteria when soap and ...

Offspring Philippines

Buzz Away Spray


Sweatproof formula infused with plant-based oils to protect skin from mosquitoes.  Keeps mozzies away, so kids can play   Product size: 100ML   DEET-FREE   Get rid of mozzies the natural...

Offspring Philippines

Baby Bum Cleansing Spray


Convenient spray-on cleansing to remove odour and poo. No rinsing needed!  Easy-to-use hygiene spray for gentle cleansing   Product size: 100ML   CLEANSE & REFRESH   Suitable for mu...

Offspring Philippines

Nourishing Baby Lotion


Creamy, non-greasy moisture for super soft and smooth skin.  Organic Nutrients to Feed Baby’s Glow   Product size: 100ML   ULTRA RICH FORMULA   Creamy texture for ultimate moisturising f...

Offspring Philippines

Nappy Balm


A delicate organic balm for cute but sensitive bums.  Calms and protects bums, especially dry, sensitive and eczema-prone skin.   Product size: 75ML   SOOTHES IRRITATED SKIN   Soothes an...

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Baby Stain Remover


Plant-Based Baby Stain Remover  All-Natural Stain Remover to Eliminate All Types of Baby Stains   Product size: 300ML   TOUGH ON STAINS   Effective targeted action on all types of baby s...

Offspring Philippines

Gentle Head-To-Toe Wash


COMING SOON Bathtime gets better with our concentrated, tear-free and easy-rinse formula.  Supremely gentle, wonderfully cleansing   Product size: 500ML   GENTLE & MILD   A gentle...

Offspring Philippines

Fruit and Veggie Spray


COMING SOON Gets rid of pesticides, dirt and wax from fresh produce.  Edible formula that preserves freshness and removes unwanted contaminants.   Product size: 250ML   CONCENTRATED FORM...



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